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Mainly Speaking

Personal Training for your English 

and your Future 

Personal Training for your English & your Future


Mainly Speaking is "Personal Training for your English and your Future"

As an English as an Additional Language (EAL) tutoring service combining the focused, individualized attention of an experienced tutor with the flexibility and international milieu of the online platform. Students benefit from personalized EAL lesson planning addressing your individual reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking needs.  The confidence that you build, as you further develop your English abilities is yours to keep. Not only will you speak more confidently, you will gain a stronger voice

The Career Center is focused on building professional strengths to add to your enhanced English.  CVs, Interviewing and the tools for  

professional self promotion.


Our Mission

The mission of Mainly Speaking is to assist people that are “one of a million” into becoming “one in a million”. There are many people in the world today with intelligence, motivation and drive. Many will become lost stars. In a world full of electronic uniformity, your words and actions will be what sets you apart. Those who best shine are discovered, taught, directed, nurtured and become “One in a million”. Teaching, directing and nurturing are what we call "Personal Training".  However, success comes from strong basic  skills. Mainly Speaking assists you where assistance is needed. 

No generic Apps and no one lesson fits all mentality


Personal Training for you


Conversational English

Thinking about a new career? Planning a holiday? Or simply interested in enhancing the English that you already know? 

Conversational English lessons are a great way to practice your spoken English.  As with any skill, you "use it or lose it".  Consistent, regular speaking helps keep your English fresh and useful.

We have some great services to strengthen your spoken or conversational English.  Click below for more information.


Introducing the "Intermediate Series".  A mash-up between our blogs and "Listen & Repeat with Stephen".

"Choosing Apps for learning English" 

Check out this great video, from the new "Listen & Repeat with Stephen" series.  A great tool to hear and model practical English. 

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Mainly Speaking


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