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Thinking about making a career change?  Currently seeking employment?  Global trends clearly indicate that employers are seeking employees with good English skills and work ethics.  Brexit has already brought many jobs to continental Europe.  Could one of them be your next job?  Are you prepared for this job market?  Mainly Speaking offers solutions.



Indications are clear.  Companies seek qualified professionals with good English skills and solid work ethics. Why?  because it serves the customer/client base.  The #1 complaint, in customer service, is not understanding the English of the service agent.  Attention to English and work ethics are now an expected skill from both employers and customers. 

HR Departments


Are you offering English as a professional development benefit?  Good communication is essential in your sales, customer service and 

leadership areas.  How do you support the people exiting your organization?  Downsizing, outsourcing or restructuring.  Are you serving your employees adequately as they move on?  Mainly Speaking offers solutions.

Mock Interviews & CV/Resume Development


Benefit from practice interviews before the big day.  Conduct a mock interview (or 2) on Skype.  Unsure of today's CV/Resume styles and expectations?  We can help you build something truly reflective.  Perfect for individuals and a great exit tool for HR.  

Mainly Speaking's "One in a Million" approach to Employment


The "One in a Million" approach focuses on the importance of CHARACTER, EMPATHY  & ETHICS in seeking employment or self promotion of any kind.  Engage through 1:1 or employer sponsored group seminars.

Services designed to enhance spoken English


Mainly Speaking, Listen & Repeat, Pronunciation Clinics & Debate Club are excellent tools for individuals and HR departments alike.  These services can be delivered individually or in group settings.

cv ~ covers ~ mock interviews


Your CV

It used to be that all CVs looked alike.  Factual, utilitarian and boring.  Today your CV should reflect not only your professional stats, but also your personality and the style of your chosen career.  The choices are endless and best served through CV builders available via App or website.  You can easily search for apps or websites.  You know how ;-)  I've looked and suggest Curriculum Vitae or CV Engineer for Apps and OnlineCV Generator or CV Maker.  There are many to choose from.


Cover letters

I hate cover letters.  I always have and I always will.  It's like speed dating, in writing.  However, it is an expected and necessary evil, so it is essential to put the energy into great cover letters.  As with your CV, your cover letters will be directed by your goal to match your skills to the job by also by your personality and the style of your career sector.  However, there are some absolute essentials.

  1. Make each cover letter an original.  You can use a template but personalize each letter.
  2. Try to catch them with your opening line.  Make them want to read further.
  3. Connect your experience and your personality to their goal.  What can you do for them.
  4. Never be too informal.  This is your first impression.  You can relax later!


Mock Interviews

The mock interview is quite simply an excellent way to practice before the actual big day.  Mock interviews are conducted via Skype and are tailored to your specific position or industry.   You can prepare for questions, rehearse and review responses and receive both feedback and necessary correction to your spoken English.  Past participants state that the mock interviews leave them feeling more confident and better prepared for the interview.  During the interview, they reported projecting a more confident image and feeling less anxious.  Contact me today!

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