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Mainly Speaking about investment




Initial Assessment: $60 (includes 1 Mainly Speaking session)

Individual Tutoring: $45

Mainly Speaking: $25/$40

Pronunciation Clinic: $25/$40 

Debate Club: $25

Speed Speaking: $25 

Mock Interview: $45

Bootcamp: $45

Credit card & PayPal payments easily accepted here.  Local bank transfer also available.  Fees are payable upon service delivery.  Fees are subject to NL VAT, included.


Reduce fees by referring

We understand that your investment is physical, spiritual and financial.  

We accommodate your physical by being flexible and online.  We accommodate your spirit by being genuine.  We accommodate your finances as follows;

Refer a colleague, friend or neighbor.   We all know people we enjoy the company of.  Why not study together?     

We will credit you with $20 for every $100 paid by your referral.

Not a client, but a friend of Mainly Speaking?  Refer someone and we'll credit your referee.

Purchase and pay we'll credit you $20 for every $100 you pay in advance.  It's a 20% bonus.


Amsterdam - North Holland Local

Stephen is local to the Amsterdam, Netherlands area and frequently hosts EAL conversational groups in Amsterdam and North Holland.  Generally 8 weekly sessions per group with progressive groups.  Great for general speech enhancement, bilingual employment requirements and travel preparation.  For additional information, please click on the "Get in Touch" button below.

These can also be held in your home, with your own group.  Enhance your English from the comfort of your own home.  Maximum of 8 people.


Purchases & Payments

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Services can be easily purchased by clicking the "Buy Now" button above. See above for opportunities to reduce fees and earn units.  Payments for prior services accepted here as well.  Minimum service cost is $25.00.

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