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Where to Begin?

Your journey to English as an Additional Language success is personal and yours to follow.  Let Mainly Speaking assist you in creating a path to your success with your individualized, comprehensive assessment.  We'll begin by sending you to the leading English language academics for a universally recognized CEFR assessment of your reading and writing skills.  Once completed, we will conduct a 1:1 video chat assessment of your speaking and listening skills.  In conclusion, we will combine the assessments and return an Individual Success Plan complete with recommendations and available services to assist you in accomplishing your goals.


And Now?

Once you have your Individual Service Plan, you will participate completely through your laptop, table, mobile or other electronic device.  Your plan will include 1:1 tutoring and group conversational tutoring.  Your plan will also include highly interactive activities such as games, video chats, community based assignments as well as tailored use of all multi media venues.  The approach of Mainly Speaking is to utilize current, relevent materials to keep students interested, motivated and current.  This is true for both language and personal development services.  The addition of our 'mentoring mentality' helps to keep you focused, motivated and directing your energy where it best serves you.


Personalized Lessons

Initial Assessment: assessment of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students will complete independent assessment of reading and writing, followed by a 50 minute video consult to assess speaking and listening. Follow up video consult for results and success plan.

Individual Tutoring: 50 minute individual video tutoring sessions based on student’s success plan and session to session lesson plan.  Develops reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking skills.

Mock Interview

Mainly Speaking:  30 minute focused conversation with a certified, native English speaking tutor.  25 minutes of conversation, followed by 5 minutes of feedback. Enhances fluency, vocabulary and confidence.

Pronunciation Clinics:  50 minute group video sessions. Tutor facilitated with tutor modeling and feedback.  Assists with sound and word formation.

Debate Club:  more proficient students can engage in lively discussions and debates to exercise their language and critical thinking skills.

Speed Speaking: a bit more like 'on the spot' speaking and best suited for intermediate learners and higher.  Participants are given a topic and 30 seconds to speak about that topic.  When completed, you choose the topic for the next participant.  After each round, the group processes the round to discover common strengths and mistakes. It's fun and builds both fluency and confidence,  It's no competition, so everyone wins! 

Bootcamp: individual video sessions focused on professional development, CV development, ethics and empathy in the workplace based on a personal success plan.  Your growth depends on being the professional sought after for their growth.

Amsterdam & North Holland Conversational Groups

Amsterdam & Waterland area classroom conversational groups are forming now.  Great for fluency improvement, general speech enhancement, bilingual employment and travel preparation.

Conversational English groups can be conducted in public settings, online via Skype or in the comfort of your home.

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